TOSHO token

Jun-01-2021 08:36:59 PM +UTC

TOSHO is a Token belonging to the BEP20 network, 100 million Tokens were created with no possibility of new creation, its division is 9 decimal places, so its minimum amount is 0.000000001 TOSHO.
TOSHO token is a non-profit project, designed to give its users more equality, avoid short-term speculation and manipulation. Its configuration is designed to avoid large Token holders in the short term, make a more gradual distribution and give more opportunities to small investors. Next we will explain step by step its operation.

First of all, it should be noted that it is a 100% decentralized project, there is no amount of Token stored by the project, there is no budget item for expenses and the project does not obtain any benefit through its Token. There is no chance that the project will earn money through its Token.

In order to create a 100% decentralized Token, several aspects must be solved, some of them quite difficult to solve. You have to solve the supply, capitalization and manipulation. The total supply is made up of the amount of Token for sale and the amount of Token available to put up for sale. For the sale, the PancakeSwap platform was chosen. We know that the sale supply must be capitalized through a pool, which means that the first Tokens for sale in PancakeSwap were supported. It is understandable to know that you could not have the 100 million Token backed in PancakeSwap due to the high cost. You could only have a small amount for sale, for the rest of the Tokens you had to find a formula to be able to put them up for sale. This was resolved by sending all the remaining supply to the contract, configuring the contract to send 500 Tokens to PancakeSwap for each transaction in order to always have a minimum supply for sale. With this formula we achieve that for each purchase, sale or transfer the contract supplies 500 Tokens to PancakeSwap, the amount of 500 Tokens was chosen so that the impact of price devaluation was not very high, we know that if we inject Token without endorsements for its sale that devalues ​​the price.

Once the sale offer was resolved, the speculation had to be resolved. For this, the first thing that was done was to set a commission per transaction, we opted for 1% but we knew that it would not be enough to stop speculation in the short term, it was decided to add a maximum limit of 5000 Tokens per transaction. This limitation prevents someone from buying or selling a large amount of Token in a single transaction. The commissions are entirely allocated to a null account without access, thus strengthening the liquidity of the Token.
After verifying its correct functioning, the contract was renounced, nobody has access to the contract and it can never be modified.

As there is very little supply in PancakeSwap, the price fluctuates a lot, for this reason it is recommended to buy few quantities when the supply is very low, wait for the increase of 500 tokens made by the contract to stop this fluctuation, for example if there are only 20,000 left. Tokens in PancakeSwap the price to pay would be very high if we buy 5000 tokens, but if we buy only 500 Tokens and the contract sends 500 Tokens for the transaction to PancakeSwap we will see that the new supply would continue at 20,000 Tokens, in this way it will be possible to buy again almost the same price. It is true that commission costs would increase but we know that these commissions would benefit liquidity.
There can even be the paradox that buying more than 1000 Tokens costs cheaper than selling them.

The objective is to reach an average purchase of 500 Tokens, achieve a more contained fluctuation that benefits everyone, it should be noted that the more supply in PancakeSwap there is a greater opportunity to buy more Tokens at a better price.

It is important to explain how TOSHO liquidity works. The first provider of liquidity is the contract itself, that system guarantees a perpetual block of liquidity. We know that no one is going to withdraw TOSHO liquidity from us, it is a total guarantee. Also, to guarantee liquidity, a null account without access has been added, which is the one that receives all the profits obtained from the commissions. This was done to prevent someone from creating a large liquidity pool and thus obtaining the benefits of the commissions. , with the passage of time it will be very difficult to even obtain part of the 500 Tokens that the contract distributes.

All data is easy to check on our website.